Who We Are?

Bakoot is a trusted digital agency in Sydney which provides innovative digital marketing solutions. In Bakoot, every customer’s needs and objectives are tailored to a specific plan. We have a team of legendary marketers, designers, and developers who know what it takes to drive real results online and increase conversions, sales, and revenues.
Also, we keep an eye on metrics that matter the most like leads and revenue generation. Our mastery over data lead and data-driven advertisements guarantee the use of the best solutions to achieve the goals of our clients. In our experience, achieving these goals is what moves businesses forward, and we believe that our client’s success is the best measure of our own performance.

Transparent ROI Tracking

Tracking the return on investment (ROI) of your content marketing efforts is an essential step in Google AdWords Management and optimisation. ROI tracking enables you to identify which marketing channels and GoogleAds marketing campaigns have the most influence on sales and revenue. However, ROI tracking isn’t always easy since there are many methods for estimating the financial worth of each piece of content you publish. Evaluating your campaign doesn’t require you to work with complicated spreadsheets. Thanks to our unique marketing platform, you’ll be easily able to track your campaigns. Using our precise, transparent numbers, you can track your performance and continuously improve your marketing strategy.

Driving more organic traffic

As a business owner, you need website traffic. The more people see your site, the more potential customers you will have. As your website’s visitors increase, so do your chances of generating qualified leads, sharing your brand, and establishing connections. Better yet, you can increase your traffic organically by getting more visitors to your website without spending money on paid ads.

Laser-focused targeting

The last thing anyone wants to do is waste money and resources on targets that do not deliver tangible results. Our proven laser-focused targeting strategies ensure that you are targeting the exact demographic you want to reach by leveraging keywords, your client’s persona and profile information including their interests, hobbies, age, gender, geographical location, and more. With the latest technologies in retargeting, we are able to laser focus your ads on the exact people that you are trying to reach, minimizing money lost and maximizing your ROI.

Leading digital Experts

With many years of experience and expertise in the digital world, we have a team of multi-national marketing specialists ready to aid your business. Our leading digital marketing experts have strategized and delivered thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for different types of businesses. You can count on them to lead your websites to greater success as well.

Our Process

It is simple to develop a revenue goal when you decide to work with us:

Kick-off consultation

The first step is to learn about your business and your marketing goals. From there, we provide consultation on the SEM process to help you achieve the best results.

Data-Dive & Strategy

to know you, Bakoot’s team of experts conducts thorough data-driven research to determine what channels, strategies, and opportunities are right for you. Once we’ve conducted all the research, our meticulously tailored road map guarantees you’ll reach your goals.

Campaign execution

Our successful track record is not just because of our cutting-edge data-driven research and strategy design; We know how to best orchestrate your digital marketing campaign by turning every aspect of the strategy into goal-oriented tangible actions and tasks that are easily tracked.

Our point of difference

We have happy Clients

In Bakoot, we provide you with a relationship based on trust, not pressured sales. We believe in driving our customers ahead with eagerness and a never-ending desire to improve the client experience.

We are tech-savvy, not marketers

We are a creative and adventurous team that never gets satisfied in our pursuit of the ideal tools and technologies. We understand how brand-new technologies can fit into a larger framework to provide a custom-made experience for you.

We create crystal clear ROI reports

Identifying the techniques or initiatives that effectively promote growth can only be achieved by precisely measuring ROI and clearly reporting it. While many digital marketing organizations make it unbelievably difficult to calculate campaign performance, we guarantee the simplest report to understand.

We focus on transparent deliverables

We believe that it is important for you to know what we’re working towards and how the goals are going to be achieved. This can help us and you align and prioritize tasks to get their most important work done during each stage of your campaign.


Google Ads is the new name used for Google AdWords. It is an effective platform to attract qualified visitors or good-fit clients who are looking for the goods and services provided by your company. It works by targeting keywords relevant to your business so when a person conducts a search on Google your ads will appear on the page. The key advantage of this type of marketing is that you just pay by the number of clicks the advertisement gets rather than a fixed fee for the ad itself. By doing so, you may cut costs associated with website visitors who don't really interact with it. You have control over your advertisement's placement, your budget, and the ease with which you can assess its effectiveness.

Google AdWords Management and optimisation is the key to benefiting from your investment in ads. As a Google Ads agency, we can assist you with search advertisements, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, and video ads. We'll work with you to comprehend your company's objectives and how they'll affect your clients. After that, we'll make this into a distinctive and genuine Google Ads campaign for you. You can relax because we take care of your issues before you even notice them.

Your organic search rankings will not directly rise by using paid search and Google Ads. Instead, Google Ads can assist you in getting your Ads in front of potential customers at precisely the right time when they're looking for a company like yours. When people see your advertising and hear your brand name, they become more aware of it, which increases the likelihood that they will click on them and aids in your search for the best SEO keywords.

Nothing rivals the effectiveness of eCommerce Google Ads when it comes to marketing for online stores. If you're a B2C company selling online products, Google Ads is the best option. There are only three things you can do to take part in it: have an eCommerce website, Google Merchant Center, and a product feed.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform enables companies to place bids on keywords aiming to have their ads, including Pop-ups, banners, and other similar forms, appear in Google search results. PPC is a means to improve your visibility when people search for the good or service you're marketing.

By using a PPC management agency like Bakoot, you can be sure that a professional will be looking after your campaigns. As a result, you'll receive higher-quality service, and your advertisements will work better overall. In addition, working with a PPC management agency may help you save money by reducing the likelihood of costly errors, failures, and little or no returns on your efforts.

The right response is that it depends on various factors including campaigns, keywords, etc. According to the Google AdWords industry benchmark across different industries, the average CTR for search is roughly 1.91%, while for display it is around 0.35%. However, these are only averages. The actual proportion for your business depends entirely on the sector you are focusing on.

There is no simple answer to this question because the exact costs might depend on different factors including but not limited to your industry, keywords, location, current trends, etc. However, the typical CPC for Google Ads on the search network ranges roughly from $1 to $2. The good news is that you can keep your expenses under your control by using Google AdWords management and optimisation techniques which can turn every cent of your investment into the traffic that will work for your business.

Ready to connect?

If you’re looking for driving your business forward, or wondering how Bakoot digital agency can help you, just request a free appointment for a kick-off consultation, and in the shortest possible time, our experts will be in touch with you to learn about your business and provide you with a plan that will propel your business forward.