User experience is a broad discipline and a crucial part of product design. UX designers should have skills in many different fields if they want to create excellent experiences for people. User experience design is an extremely vast, multidisciplinary and fascinating field and can be simply defined as the process of improving user satisfaction by enhancing user interaction with websites. It’s important to note that UX goes beyond UI design, and is about the emotional outcome of user interaction with your website or app. Here are some essential tips that you should be aware of:


Understand your target audience’s needs and demands


Never fall into the trap of knowing your target audience because you, yourself are operating in the market segment. It’s very important to keep user wants and needs top of mind when designing a product if you are to create a product that users love and enjoy interacting with. One of the best ways to understand the product target audience is to do usability testing.You can gather feedback through conducting surveys or you can use real people to test the design. It allows you to learn how to create products that are right for those who will use them. 


Keep it simple


Don’t overwhelm users with too much information, the goal here is to let users focus on what they need in your website or app. You should always simplify interfaces by removing unnecessary elements or content that does not support user tasks. Always use spaces wisly to draw user attention to valuable information, and add call to actions that are easily visible and colored properly to help users navigate effortlessly and find what they need to do in your websites or app. 


Keep user flow consistent 


This is one of the critical aspects of a good UX design. You need to keep user flow consistent throughout the entire user journey in your website. By using consistent user flow, you make a seamless and simple journey for the user to go from one section in your website or mobile app to another. Keep in mind that every website should serve the user in achieving the ultimate goal which is delivering the product value. The entire user flow should become a natural thing that the user goes through smoothly without any confusion.